Monday, September 28, 2009

Stay Strong

To all of those women who are leaving abusive relationships - stay strong. Remember that you do know what is best for yourself and your children. You have more rights than you think you do. Do not listen to your partners' lies about your character and intentions. You are not a bitch - or worse - and you are not being selfish in leaving. You have more people surrounding you in support than you realize. Do not look to your partners' family to assist in the process - blood is thick.... Pack now and pack fast - get out.

Ladies, we need to be our own heroes and rely on our own force. Our little ones love us unconditionally and look to us for their safety.

This post is for someone I know who has made the decision to move forward with her life. Hold your head up Lady, and know that we all have your back.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Soak...a handwashing jewel

Well Ladies, I took a little time to tend to some of my hand washables, and I'm pleased with the results. My new [and very pretty] H&M hot pink Peasant shirt is very soft and fresh, and my under garments - we'll just leave it at that as this group is more practical than racy - are sweet smelling.

I tried out a product called Soak, and used four different scents (Flora, Aquae, Citrus, and Unscented) fav is the Aquae. (My sister washed a shirt of hers while visiting, and wanted me to mention that her fav is Flora....) I washed one of Ava's dresses in the Unscented and it smells like it has been line dried.

Soak is simple to use - fill the sink with cold water, pour in your Soak scent of choice, and let the item soak for 15 mins; then gently squeeze out the water - no need to rinse. (Soak can be used for both hand washing and washing machines. The formulation can handle light and heavyweight fabrics.)

I think the next batch of hand washing will include some of Ava's stuffed friends. She has a few of my animals circa 1980 that would be happy to be hand Soaked...they fear the washing machine....

If you would like to find out more about Soak then check out the link below. You can find a retailer in your city via their site.

I received some samples to try, and I based this post on my opinion.

Friday, September 4, 2009

I want to go back to school - now!

For the first time in my life I know what I truly want to study. I've been to various universities and studied many topics, and in the last year I've realized what I would love to focus on.

Since Ava's birth I've been home with her - I've been her teacher, her soft place to cuddle, her cleaning lady, her personal assistant, her chef, and her protector. I feel guilt about potentially putting her in daycare so that I can pursue something that I really want to experience. At the same time I know that I can choose a safe learning environment for her to experience a little more independence. In the long run, my degree will allow us a better standard of living and no financial dependence on her father. Who knows, maybe we'll be very comfortable monetarily....

My frustration now exists in my having the funding for school and daycare, and no daycare to put her into. This city has waiting lists like I've never seen, and it may be fall of 2010 or later before we get a spot. I'm so close I can visualize myself in classes, and I may have to wait....

I have so many things I want to do within the next 10 years and I want to get moving on them. Ava will be 3 in a month, and I want to build a fabulous life for us. Now!

PS. I should have listened to another Mom when I was pregnant. She told me [as soon as I knew the sex and could write a name down] that I should put Ava onto waiting lists for daycare. I thought she was exaggerating, and at the time intended on being home until Ava entered kindergarten. I guess I should have taken her advice literally.

PPS. The registration for 4 year old preschool (Sept 2010) is in Feb and I think I'll get Ava's Daddy to do the camping out [overnight] in line. It's first come first serve....