Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I'm going on a vacation!

I'm getting very excited to leave in two days for a much needed vacation. I'm going to visit my sister - she moved across the country in the summer. I know that I'll miss Ava as I haven't spent more than a few days away from her ever, but at the same time I really need some Me time.

I'm looking forward to the quiet of the plane trip - this sounds odd I know. I'll be able to read (a novel or gossip magazines), listen to music, and watch a movie, and my only concerns will be - Do I want to eat this? Should I take a nap?

Ava's Daddy will be watching her for the week and they'll have fun together. She'll have plenty of park time, and he'll have a chance to experience what it's like to spend time with her 24 hours a day again.

Ava has known for awhile that I'm going, and this week she started saying, "I'm going to miss you when you're away". It's very sweet - I'll probably start to feel a physical ache a few days into the trip. I'll be busy though...being an audience member on a couple of t.v. shows, seeing the Ballet, wandering the museum, being a tourist.... Much of my time will be spent shopping, having cocktails, and planning future endeavors.

Before I go I have to pack for the week (for myself and Ava), finish preparing and cleaning my place for viewings while I'm away, and be a parent volunteer on Ava's preschool field trip - this will be my day tomorrow....