Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ruminating Mommy

Since I'm no longer a Single Mommy I have decided to start writing under a new name, and thus have moved my postings from this blog to Ruminating Mommy.

I would love it if my current Followers of "Solo Mommy" would join me at "Ruminating Mommy" as I will be deleting this blog after a period of time. I also invite any new Followers to link to "Ruminating Mommy". (I am always excited to see a new follower...and I love receiving comments....)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Dimple Elbows...

As Ava grows everyday I see less and less of the baby, and more of a little Lady. She has opinions and concerns, and she states them at every opportunity. I watch her use teaching moments with younger children - to keep them safe - and I smile because she's very clear on boundaries and rules....

Now that she's in Preschool I see that Ava does still have some of her baby face [in comparison to the other children], and I feel a mixture of happiness and sadness for the day when her puffy cheeks disappear. With the warmer Spring/Summer weather she'll be dressing in
t-shirts - and I'll take every opportunity to stare at her dimple elbows before they smooth over.

Monday, May 17, 2010

The cycle of Womanhood

We are fortunate in our Womanhood to be a part of the cycle. Another woman is always entering into the same situation that we just moved past. Someone else has experienced what we're just beginning. In our lives we will always be supporting another Lady, or looking for encouragement.

Our words to each other are important as we all feel extremely alone at some time in our lives. Someone else understanding how we feel probably won't lessen our emotions, but this mutual knowing can carry us through to better times. As Jim Morrison said, you've got to "Break on through to the other side...."

Let's be thoughtful with what we say. Smiling at another women as we pass on the sidewalk can lift spirits (theirs and ours) - we never know what kind of day, or life they're having.

I know that this cycle is not exclusive to Women - all humans are a part of it - but for this post I want to put the energy into Womanhood.

Seven Deuce

Several people asked me if there was any significance to the large 7 my husband brought home awhile ago (see my previous post Seven.... ). At the time I thought that there wasn't. Yesterday I thought about this upcoming weekend, and I realized that it will be our 7th Wedding Anniversary. (Years 5 and 6 we spent apart.)

The Universe is a funny thing....

The Labour Union Photographers

In part with being listed as one of the "30 Ultimate Vancouver Mom Blogs" on Vancouver Mom I received some courtesy head shots. I want to thank The Labour Union Photographers for my lovely photos.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Nights out....

I'm excited because tonight I'm attending an event for the "30 Ultimate Mom Blogs" hosted by Vancouver Mom. I'm looking forward to meeting the other Ladies who blog, and possibly making some new connections.

Tomorrow evening I'm going out with my two closet friends for a chick night.... I'm going to paint my nails, put on some
heels, and enjoy an apple martini. (I will greatly miss my little sister not being there, but she's coming for a visit next month.)

Two nights out in a row is something I haven't done in years....

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

To all the Ladies who are Mothers/expectant Mothers - Happy Mother's Day!

I know that so many women who do not yet have children, spent another day thinking about their future kids...wondering how long they'll have to wait to meet the little ones, and what their characteristics will be. To these women I say, utilize your time for yourself now, and enjoy what you have in your life at this moment. When they do arrive, a significant portion of your thoughts, and every decision you will make will be involving, and for, them. They will charm you with their sweetness and loving innocence, and in the next moment make you want to rip your hair out....

My sweet little Ava gave me these blooms (also from my Husband and the cat) for Mother's Day. Purple is my favourite colour, and I always like to get flowers. She also made me a gift at Preschool, and yes, I did tear up when she gave it to me. Somehow, over the three and a half years she's been on this planet, I've turned into a woman who can cry upon receiving a homemade card...and watching sappy commercials....

The other day Ava told me that she "...loves me more than the hugest rainbow, the sun, and the stars, and dolphins." She said it with conviction and gave me a big hug. Pretty cute - it canceled out the previous whining.