Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Vancouver's 30 Ultimate Mom Blogs

I am thrilled to have Solo Mommy listed as one of the 30 Ultimate Vancouver Mom Blogs on Vancouver Mom! Thank you to everyone who voted for my blog - I appreciate the votes, and I value the recognition.

Grab a tea, or a glass of wine, and have a read through some of the other blogs that are on the list on Vancouver Mom.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Feeling love....

I have moments in my daily life when I feel pure contentment in my relationship. I smile to myself and continue on with my tasks. This quiet understanding that love can be tranquil and be true, elevates me to move forward to feel more love. Drama, passion, fire, and the push and pull of desire are just as real as peacefulness, contentment, tenderness, and gratitude. Any of these emotions and actions make us feel alive.

My personality is calm and quiet... it makes sense that I feel love in this way.

Let's stop judging our feelings in comparison to how other's experience love, and instead focus on adoring the people in our lives in ways that are unique to each of us.

Ava's adjustment....

Ava is adjusting very well to her new home with Mommy and Daddy. Her nighttime sleeping was a little off kilter for the first week, and now we're back into the swing of things. Not that anything can be swung around here...we still have some boxes to unpack....

If Ava has an upset in the night she can snuggle for a bit with Mommy and Daddy before going back to her big girl bed. She can choose which parent does bath time and bedtime stories (and Mommy can choose if she wants Daddy to do them so she can unwind...).

Sometimes Daddy surprises Ava and Mommy by showing up after Preschool to play in the park and to give a ride home. He also takes her for walks to the grocery store with a list prepared by Mommy can have some quiet time....

Ava will enjoy some Daddy time on Saturday morning when Mommy sleeps in and Daddy prepares her breakfast. She will enjoy some Mommy time on Sunday when Daddy sleeps a little longer. Really, between the child and the cat, no one will be getting any extra sleep - but we're going to stay in bed and attempt it anyway.

Speaking of the cat, he keeps Ava entertained and giggling throughout the day. Sometimes Mommy feels like she's living in a zoo...with the cat rolling toilet paper down the stairs...then pouncing and shredding it...and Ava putting her little stuffed puppy (on a leash) in the cat water bowl for an "Around and Around" (as she aptly named it) leaving cat water all over the kitchen floor.... (Mommy loves post shower surprises - but hey if a t.p. stair runner and an "Around and Around" allow an extra 5 minutes in the shower then so be it.)

Adjustments and relaxation are happening all over the place here....

Reaching out....

It's amazing the potential encouragement we miss out on by not reaching out to other Moms. I've been in many children's classes with Ava over the past two years, and I thought that I was the only single Mom among these Moms.

I recently found out that a Mom in one of Ava's previous classes is a single Mom. Over the last year our daughters have been in several classes together and we missed the opportunity of becoming friends - of being a support to each other. (We have now moved and I won't see this Mom again.)

We never know what doors may open for us if we share just a little more with other women. A single sentence can change someone's day, and a conversation can change a person's life.