Monday, July 27, 2009

Oxytocin and the ties that bind....

I recently read an interesting little piece of information regarding the hormone oxytocin. Apparently, in addition to being released during childbirth/breastfeeding, it has another function - to bind us to our men.

Now Ladies, perhaps it's time for all of us to think about our "romantic" relationships in a new way. Why are we attracted to the men we're with, or why are we staying with men who don't deserve to be with us? Furthermore, why are we repeatedly going back to less than stellar gents? Oxytocin. This hormone keeps us attracted to men: who are good or bad in bed; who can't commit; who keep us coming back by using kind words after mean actions; men who we stay with even though we know they cheat....

When I read this bit of intelligence, a few expletives slipped from my mouth, and then I laughed at myself. Deeply. The big "O" has bound me to my Ex and I didn't even know. Even though sometimes he says mean things, and I question if he respects me, I always give the benefit of the doubt. I made a real effort to see if there was any potential in us being together, and perhaps I've spent more months than I should have pondering this union.

Information you can use:
After we have an orgasm with a man, just cuddling, touching, and smelling him releases oxytocin in our bodies. Subsequent to multiple orgasms with a man, just the sight of him releases the hormone. [Insert your own curses here.]

Think about your current situation - are you happy and in love? If not maybe you're being tricked by oxytocin. Perhaps it's time for a lot of us to move on.


  1. does that mean if we never REALLY had an orgasm with said man, then we're off the hook? (wink)

  2. If said orgasm was indeed a fake, then I suppose that the oxytocin release would be minimal....