Monday, October 19, 2009

The Wiggles Go Bananas &

My little Ava turned 3 recently, and my gift to her was a set of Wiggles tickets. She was so excited for the concert and the whole week before she wanted to watch her Wiggles video - constantly.

When we arrived at the stadium, and Ava saw the stage set up, she did a little jig of glee. I wish I had it on video.... The concert was great and Ava had fun dancing and interacting with the group. The action on stage was steady, so even the adults were entertained. At one point I looked over and noticed Ava's Daddy bobbing his head to the music.

The Wiggles and their dancers performed some gymnastics, and they even had a couple of male Russian Olympic gymnasts (and oh, were they buff).

I was pretty amused by the mosh pit - vastly different from any concert I've ever been to before. The 1-5 year olds weren't head banging, but they were doing variations of "The Worm", "Fry the Bacon", and much rolling around and running. If we have the opportunity to attend a concert again, I'll make sure to get floor seats.

Overall it was a wonderful concert, and I couldn't help but smile in the positive atmosphere.

The Wiggles have launched Wiggle Time which I have signed Ava up for. (When you sign up you can choose the length of time, and if you want to donate to Unicef.) It's a great site where she can play various games and watch videos. The games allow children to be creative, use different skills like memory, and exploration. After children have played for 20 mins the a pop up asks them to get up and take a wiggle break; the Wiggles promote fitness and wellness.

As well, there's a Parent Resource Centre which covers these topics: Competitions, Early Childhood, Healthy Body, and Safety. All of the upcoming concerts and events are listed on the site too.

Wiggletime -

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