Thursday, May 13, 2010

Nights out....

I'm excited because tonight I'm attending an event for the "30 Ultimate Mom Blogs" hosted by Vancouver Mom. I'm looking forward to meeting the other Ladies who blog, and possibly making some new connections.

Tomorrow evening I'm going out with my two closet friends for a chick night.... I'm going to paint my nails, put on some
heels, and enjoy an apple martini. (I will greatly miss my little sister not being there, but she's coming for a visit next month.)

Two nights out in a row is something I haven't done in years....


  1. So happy to have met you last night!!

  2. It was a blast, hey? I'm glad I caught a picture of you, even though we didn't formally meet!

  3. That blog evening seems a blast. I am about to attend a mommy blog boot camp this summer in my area and can't wait for it!