Monday, May 17, 2010

The cycle of Womanhood

We are fortunate in our Womanhood to be a part of the cycle. Another woman is always entering into the same situation that we just moved past. Someone else has experienced what we're just beginning. In our lives we will always be supporting another Lady, or looking for encouragement.

Our words to each other are important as we all feel extremely alone at some time in our lives. Someone else understanding how we feel probably won't lessen our emotions, but this mutual knowing can carry us through to better times. As Jim Morrison said, you've got to "Break on through to the other side...."

Let's be thoughtful with what we say. Smiling at another women as we pass on the sidewalk can lift spirits (theirs and ours) - we never know what kind of day, or life they're having.

I know that this cycle is not exclusive to Women - all humans are a part of it - but for this post I want to put the energy into Womanhood.

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  1. I agree. While men also have their own "cycles", it is not the same as the introspection, physical changes, and emotions that a woman goes through from early teens to adulthood. Sure, they can empathize with us, but they (men) can not possibly understand. I think it is vitally important that us older (over 25) women reach back to always lift up and support the next generation of women who are going through their personal 'cycles' as well. :-)